Socks Factory: 20 Type of Socks You Must Know for Your Business

At CJ’s Socks factory, we work hard to make custom socks for companies and individual clients who want specially made socks for their sport needs, recreational needs, medical socks, children’s socks, and so on. Being the biggest custom sock factory in China, you can count on us for the best quality and reasonable prices. One of the good things with the factory of custom socks is that the clients can choose their socks colors, design your own socks, come up with your private label or have all these roles done by our highly qualified and experienced team.

Are you a business person dealing with socks? Where do you normally buy your supplies? What kind of socks do you sell to your clients? When it comes to the business of socks and clothing items related to socks, you need to be careful where you buy. You want quality socks that can last longer. You want your clients to be happy with the socks. You can learn more about the production of quality socks by visiting Socks are important as part of the footwear. They protect the feet and helps you avoid shoe bites. When choosing socks, consider the weather and climate.

In this article, I shall explain to you some of the types of socks that we manufacture. In short, we shall learn about some 20 types of socks that can be manufactured for you. When you have this information, it becomes easy to make orders. The socks are suitable for both men and women. Read on to learn more.

Here are 20 types of socks that your business can buy:

Ankle length socks

1. Ankle length socks

These socks, as the name suggests are low cut. It means they are suitable for people who like wearing low cut shoes, loafers, or boat type shoes. They are good because they prevent blisters. They also give the wearer a sophisticated look, meaning they are elegant. Ankle length socks are therefore a must-have for those who love funky things.

Knee length socks

2. Knee length socks

These types of socks are mostly worn by women. They are preferred by women who wear boots. They can be said to be a high fashion kind of socks. When you wear these socks, you are sure of protection from tough weather. They are suitable mostly for outdoor activities. These kinds of socks were, in the earlier days, mostly part of uniform meant for girls.

Dress Socks

3. Dress socks

These socks are worn with formal wear such as a tuxedo, business suits, or evening wear. They are made of lightweight fabric and are usually comfortable. They can be over the calf length or calf length. You can get these socks in neutral colors or formal colors such as gray, brown, blue, or gray. When you are choosing these types of socks, consider the color of your trouser, suit or shirt.

wholesale printed socks

4.Casual socks

These are not formal and are worn on casual events. With casual socks, comfort is what matters. Their appearance is also important. These socks are usually printed in many patterns and fun prints. They are calf length.

Sport socks

5.Sport socks

These are normally calf-length, ankle-length, or knee-length and are designed for sports use. They are made of cotton so that they can be comfortable and wick moisture. Some spandex fibers are used to make these socks stretch. For breathability and ventilation, these socks may have mesh panels. Some also have cushioned soles for support.

custom printed socks

6.Work socks

Just like the name suggests, these socks are worn for work purposes. They are made for durability, long wear, grip, and support. For extra comfort, these socks have reinforced heels and toe area.

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7.Yoga socks

These socks are meant for yoga purposes. To give these socks anti-skid property, they have small dots on the area around the heel. They come either as toe separated or without toe separation and normally are ankle length. They are made for comfort, stability and balance during yoga sessions when one does complex moves.

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8.Winter Socks

These are also known as thermal socks. They are made to specifically offer insulation during the winter weather.  They are made of acrylic fibers or thick wool and have extra padding to keep off cold. They are made of fabric that is insulating, breathable, absorbed, and quick drying.

custom socks wholesale

9.Support socks

Support socks are normally over the calf in length and they are popular lately. They contain spandex in high percentages to support your muscles, relieve strain and fatigue, and offer better comfort. They have arch-support, meaning that they offer arch-support around the arch of the foot.

Diabetic socks

10.Diabetic socks

These are made for people who suffer from diabetes. They are generally protective socks and prevent blisters, cuts, and bruises. They are made from thick but soft cotton and have mesh ventilation panels for better air circulation. They may also have a terry cloth reinforcement to prevent irritation. Some diabetic socks come with sole support liner gel to help in quick absorption.

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11.Slipper socks

These socks are supposed to be worn indoors. Almost similar to yoga socks, these are however lengthier and are worn without shoes. They have small plastic dots to give them grip and avoid skidding. These dots are placed on the heel section but on the outside.

wholesale printed socks

12.Compression socks

These are supposed to offer support to people who suffer leg pains. They relieve pain through the effect of compression since this increases blood flow in the legs. This relieves tiredness on the legs.

custom design socks

13.Leg warmer socks

Just like their name, these are socks meant to warm the legs. They are manufactured without feet and run from the ankles up to the knee. Made from think acrylic or woolen fibers, they are good for warming the legs. During winter, these can be worn over other socks for added layering and warmth.

wholesale printed socks

14.Grip socks/Anti-slip socks

These socks are manufactured with a rubber sole to prevent slipping. The non-slip characteristic of these socks is what distinguishes them from other types. They are also sometimes called Pilates grip socks.

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15.Split-toe socks also called Tabi socks

These socks can also be referred to as thumb socks because they are manufactured such that they have a separate space for the main toe. These are easy to wear with slippers and this is their main advantage. In Japan, these kinds of socks or known as Tabi socks and can be worn with kimonos.

custom design socks

16.Crew length socks

These are about 6 to 8 inches in length. They are good for all types of outdoor activities as well as sports activities. They are unisex socks. They are a preference for children because they are neither too short nor too long.

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17. Mid crew socks

These are a little longer than the crew length socks. They are also suitable for outdoor activities.  Men who engage in sport regularly prefer these socks. They are made from high-quality materials. Merino, stretch fiber, cotton, or wool are combined to make these socks.

toe socks

18.No show socks

They are also referred to as loafer socks. They are meant to be worn without being visible from the shoes. They are worn by both men and women. People with sensitive skin wear these socks. As for women, they wear these socks with specific shoes.

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19. Thigh-high socks

These socks, as the name suggests, go above the knees and up the thighs. They are mostly worn by women. They are good to wear with dresses and skirts. This is a trend of socks that emerged from Scotland.

custom sport socks

20.Football socks

These are sports socks that are specifically made for the game of football. Football is an intense sport that requires specially made socks. The cushioning at the heel and the foot area help absorb the stress exerted during a game of football. To make these socks, a special blending of cotton, polyester, spandex, and cotton is used.