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Zhuji CJ socks factory is the most professional manufacturer of compression socks, We have rich experience and provide high-quality raw materials to produce compression socks. We also provide customers with medical compression stockings of different pressure levels.

  • Pressure model:
  1. Primary low pressure preventive health care type (10-20mmHg)
  2. The initial treatment type of first-level medium pressure (20-30mmHg)
  3. Secondary high pressure moderate treatment type (30-40mmHg)
  4. Three-level high pressure severe treatment type (40-50mmHg)
China Compression Sport Socks Manufacturer

Your Professional & Reliable Compression Sport Socks Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier in China

Material: Nylon / Polyester Or Customized.
Pattern Type: Picture styles are available from stock Or Customized.
Supply Type:OEM service.
Sample:7-10 days
Delivery:30 days after sample confirmed.
Shipping:Door to Door Shipping.
Supplier type:Manufacturer In China.

Custom compression football socks

Custom compression football socks

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Custom compression running socks

Custom compression running socks

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Custom mens compression socks

Custom mens compression socks

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Custom womens compression socks

Custom womens compression socks

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Why 1000+ Happy Customers Trust CJ Socks

Your Compression Running / Hiking / Riding / Basketball / Football Socks Wholesale

Zhuji CJ Socks Factory has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of compression Running / Hiking / Riding / Basketball / Football socks. The sock sole of the product is a full cushion on the sole, which can be obviously felt on the hand that the whole sock is relatively thick, and the terry on the heel and tip of the sock is thicker. Moreover, the elasticity of the sock is very good, and there are many air-permeable mesh structures. Advantages: the structure of the whole loop bottom is very comfortable, and the cushioning performance is very good. The top of the socks is very elastic and strong, and the socks don’t deform inside the shoes when you are exercising. It’s very cost-effective. And the size is customized, the color is customized.

How we can help you grow your business?
(1) We provide OEM services to customers around the world.
(2) Have own material factory, offer competitive price Integrated producing line, with mature technology.
(3) Daily output 150000 pairs. Meet the various needs of customers.Professional at 84N,120N,144N,168N,200N machines.
(4) No need to find other packaging factories, we can provide you with custom packaging services for socks, including labels, tags, cartons.
(5)Have professional designers if you only have an idea.
(6)We ship your orders by DHL, UPS, air, train, or by Sea depending on your need. We take over the entire process including custom clearance, taxes.

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