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Zhuji CJ socks factory has focused on the manufacturer of wool socks market for many years, so we can handle every kind of wool socks for our global customers very well. Including Babies,Kids,Ladies and Men’s wool socks.
Whether you order any kind of wool socks,Zhuji CJ Socks Factory will always provide you cheapest price with best quality.
CJ Socks is an expert on Wool Socks,you can rely on us and we will be your best OEM manufacturer and partner in China.

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Your Professional & Reliable Wool Socks Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier in China

Material: Wool / Spandex
Pattern Type: Picture styles are available from stock Or Customized.
Supply Type:OEM service.
Sample:7-10 days
Delivery:30 days after sample confirmed.
Shipping:Door to Door Shipping.
Supplier type:Manufacturer In China.

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Custom tube wool socks

Custom tube wool socks

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Custom private wool socks

Custom private wool socks

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Custom KIDS wool socks

Custom KIDS wool socks

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Your Best Wool Socks Manufacturer in China

Wool socks are knitted with pure wool yarn as the main raw material. They have the characteristics of soft handle, good elasticity, strong warmth retention, moisture absorption and air permeability. They are suitable for making short and medium socks for men and women.

The leather layer of wool can lead out the moisture in the body like the skin, and lock the heat firmly inside. It is a good product for keeping warm and keeping cold. It feels soft, light, comfortable, warm and breathable. In fact, the warmth keeping principle of wool socks is similar to that of woolen sweater and woolen overcoat. They are all kept warm by isolating the entry of cold air. If they are worn on the feet, they can not only keep the temperature of feet very well, but also will not produce stuffy feeling. In terms of air permeability, wool socks are better than cotton socks.

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How we can help you grow your business?

(1) We provide OEM services to customers around the world.
(2) Have own material factory, offer competitive price Integrated producing line, with mature technology.
(3) Daily output 150000 pairs. Meet the various needs of customers.Professional at 84N,120N,144N,168N,200N machines.
(4) No need to find other packaging factories, we can provide you with custom packaging services for socks, including labels, tags, cartons.
(5)Have professional designers if you only have an idea.
(6)We ship your orders by DHL, UPS, air, train or by Sea depending on your need. We take over the entire process including custom clearance, taxes.

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